All Inclusive Option
  • Our open buffet is at your service for breakfast, lunch and diner.
  • All soft and alcoholic drinks -glass service- are free of charge between 10:00 and 02:00. Don't forget that our non-alcohololic coctails appeal to both your eyes and taste.
  • When you want to suppress your hunger towards evening, you can have the cakes and pastry which we offer together with a cup of tea or coffee at 16:00-17:00. Remember! The key point for healthy diet is to have five meals a day with small portions wihout making yourself hungry.
  • We remonmend you to use the Turkish Bath on your holiday after a busy business period you have previously had. The entry for Turkish Bath is an offer of Lucida Beach Hotel.
  • Sauna is there for you to help you release the toxins in your body. No entry free is charged as the health of our guests is important to us.
  • People do not usually pay attention to what they eat during their holiday. For this reason. Lucida Beach Hotel organized a fitness department for you. Enjoy your food but at the same time watch your health.
  • You can check your mails anytime you like. Wireless internet is available only in lobby for our Lucida Beach Hotel guests.
  • Lounges, cushions and umbrellas are everywhere for our guests on Lucida Beach Hotel. We suggest that you have your hat or a similar protective item with you in very hot weathers.
  • If you don't want to go to the beach then you can rest by the pool where you have your lounge, cushion and umbrella. We suggest that you consume plenty of water in very hot weathers.
  • If you want to play table tenis. darts, backgammon, chess or cards you should only tell it to the service members. You can also have pleasent time by joining the table tenis tournaments organized by the team of the facility.

Other Services with charge

  • Our internationally high quality and special reserve beverages are offered with very special prices.
  • The cash boxes in your rooms are for the safety of your belongings. Please do not forget to use them. You can feel yourself more comfortable during your holiday by a very little amount you will pay on daily basis.
  • Skin care, massage and peeling that you will have shall help you return from your holiday with a more fresh look. Spoil yourself from time to time.
  • You can take your tokens from the animation desk when you want to play billards (our staff will inform you about the prices of token).
  • Our laundry department washes and irons your linen with great attention.You can see our prices in the laundry bags and forms in your rooms. Please contact the H/K department for your clothes which require dry cleaning.
  • You can benefit from our telephone service by direct call from your rooms. The price of your calls shall automatically be included in your room account.
  • Our staff at the reception desk shall be pleased to give you assistance if you want to send facsimile. You can learn the prices from our staff at the reception desk. • The prices of the items in the mini markets of our facility have been fixed in a way to be suitable for you. A small present for your loved ones shall make them very happy.
  • Our hairdresser is offering service for very suitable prices. We would like to remind once more that it is good for you to spoil yourself from time to time.
  • If you want to spend more exciting time on the beach, you can ask the prices to the water sports staff and add…

Alternative Packages For Your Special Days
You can contact the Guest Relations Staff about out suitable priced gift packages which shall enable you to make a suprise for your loved ones on special days like birthdays, marriage anniversary, etc. And what can you do? Maybe you can have a dinner accompanied with violin or you can give champagne or chocolate in a beautiful gift package.